Cravings gone WILD!!!!!

So when you start your journey to weight loss and you start to get your nutrition on point. (more nutrition tips later). You are likely to crave things you once had. This is totally normal and happens to many of us as we clean up our diet. I am a food addict and a control addict and I have had problems with binge eating then restricting for years. I used to crave cheese puffs, cheese cubes and cake. My cravings have changed a bit this past year...I crave steak, sushi, chocolate and peanut butter (but who am I kidding I STILL crave cake!!!)

The beauty of the plan I am on (Please read Choose More Lose More for Life by Chris Powell to get more specifics on carb cycling) is that I am only days away from an "indulgence". I call it "Monday Funday" or "Reset day". This is the day that I give in to my craving and take Mason to our favorite sushi place or have a steak. I consume extra calories and I eat what I have really craved all week.  I don't go crazy... (control freak here) because I don't want the food addict in me to take over and ransack the donut shop. (completely possible) I just eat the thing I have been craving.. then boom. done. :) Monday's have been the ONLY day that Mason and I go to a restaurant instead of eating at home. If I want ribs... I eat ribs - but only on my reset day...

That brings me to "daily hugs." I love hugs. Well sometimes we need a little "hug" in our diet. Mine is dark chocolate. During this year I found that my craving for chocolate was ridiculous. I researched and found that 1 dark chocolate kiss candy contains 21.111111 calories. For me, it is worth it to fit that into my day somewhere. I keep them in the freezer and I pack 1 in my lunch every day. Your hug could be a coffee or a diet soda... anything you might need a little of each day.

So tips for on-plan foods that help cravings:

Sweet/Chocolate - Quest bar as your protein, Cocoa Roast almonds, Greek yogurt mixed with PB2 and Cocoa Roast almonds, Chocolate flavored stevia drops in coffee, Mug-cake made from protein powder (I use 1 scoop of Bode Powell Perfect chocolate protein) plus three tbs egg white stir and pour into ramekin or mug sprayed with Pam - microwave for 1 minute.

Chips - Quest protein chips or rice cakes, or veggies sliced thin and roasted crisp in oven or toaster oven, corn tortillas toasted in oven get super crispy and are yummy!!!