Tiffany "Pearls" Humpert - Brillhart chose to re-build her life after her self-proclaimed “year of loss” in 2011. That year was her wake-up call. Her 5-year marriage ended, she lost contact with the special-needs step-son she was raising, and then lost her job. At 360 lbs, raising her 12 year old son by her self, she realized the only thing she had left to lose was weight and turned her focus on taking care of herself and her son no matter the cost.

In 2014, Tiffany embarked on a new journey of transformation as she auditioned for Season 5 of Extreme Weight Loss. During that year, Tiffany dealt with eating disorders, mindset issues and excuses that had held her back and dropped half of her body weight in twelve months. Tiffany took the tools she learned from the show to help her son, Mason lose 85 pounds and eat healthy foods into his college years. She has "put her pearls on and pushed through" loss, adversity, pain and every obstacle in her way.

Tiffany received her group fitness and weight management certifications in 2016, beat breast cancer in 2017, got married in 2018, and currently lives in Texas with her husband (Tom), son Mason, their dog, Lola and cat, Charlie. Tiffany enjoys coaching Trampoline Fitness and loves traveling with her family.

Tiffany’s mission is to encourage and inspire those facing adversity by sharing her story and leading by example.

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