Surrounded by Support

On any journey... you will need support. If you are embarking on a weight loss journey (especially if you have a significant amount to lose) You need to have your SUPPORT SYSTEM ON LOCK!!! Weight loss journeys can be the most tricky in finding a solid/consistent support system... because all of us are imperfect. Some people will not keep promises, could be jealous of your progress or could simply be a "negative Nancy". Dr. Holly Wyatt taught me a really cool trick in finding your support system. Make a chart with 3 columns:

  • Column 1 - list the people in your life that are GOOD FOR YOUR JOURNEY. These are the people that are supportive, positive and help you reach your goals. These people are your biggest cheerleaders and want you to succeed. (THIS IS YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM - KEEP THESE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE) - Add to this list as much as you can.
  • Column 2 - list the people that are NECESSARY in your life (it could be a spouse/parent/child or boss) but they are NOT good for your journey (for instance they are constantly negative or putting your down, they try to sabotage your weight loss efforts or talk about you behind your back), (These are people that you need in your life (you can't exactly FIRE your parent) so you will have to learn great coping strategies in dealing with these people during your journey - this is where I recommend therapy ;) for everyone!)
  • Column 3 - list the people that are NOT good for your journey and NOT necessary in your life - Their traits are the same as above ^^^^^ These are negative, jealous or sabotaging people but the difference is you have no ties to this person other than a "friendship". (THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM - YOU CAN CUT THESE PEOPLE OUT... BUH-BYE)

My list changed a lot throughout my year of transformation. Some people moved to different columns... people I thought were my friends... weren't. Don't be afraid to WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF, DO YOU, STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE and TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEEDS without worrying about others. THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY!!!!!!!!!!


Positivity breeds Positivity - Hang around POSITIVE and UPLIFTING people and it will rub off on you!!!! Most of all BE A POSITIVE PERSON so you have more people that WANT to support you!!! One of the most positive people I know is my sister-in-law Ashlei. Not only was she one of my biggest cheerleaders during my transformation.... but she also cheered me on being a special needs mom because she is a special needs teacher! She is empowering and beautiful. Go read her blog. here

More time with Family - I am BLESSED to have a VERY LARGE family!!!! I always have someone in my corner. My parents, step-parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephew and my AWESOME SON have been here for me not only the entire year but for life!

Use Social Media - Join weight loss groups, nutrition groups, follow cast members of Extreme Weight Loss or others on weight loss journeys!!! See the pictures from two of my AMAZING Facebook friends who cheer me on and even created their own "Pearls EWL Watch-parties"

Open your eyes to the world around you - The people you work with every day, the friends you meet at the gym, people you meet in the produce aisle!!! There are people that will be surprising resources and support.

Best of luck on your journey!!!! Blessings and hugs!!!!