I have dealt with so many things since my finale... Loss of one job, Starting a new job, skin removal surgery on my thighs, a lot of traveling, changing therapists and other every-day issues. I let life creep up on me. I don't think I really started breaking promises to myself until The beginning of September. My mindset started getting the best of me. I started feeling lonely, unworthy, not good enough, like a failure.. those feelings naturally took their toll on my mind... After all, what you TELL YOURSELF is what you become. Day after day of negative thoughts turned into broken promises... lack of meal prep, skipping workouts and negative thinking. It has affected my body, my mind and my relationships. I have gained weight. I can see it in my hips and thighs. I can feel it and it scares the hell out of me. It takes everything in me not to resort to disordered eating (especially when a couple of my loved ones told me they could tell I have gained a little). So I did something crazy... I watched my episode. I reminded myself of WHO I WAS... WHO I AM NOW and WHO I DON'T WANT TO BE! I gained inspiration from that broken, jacked up girl that I was.. that girl who wanted SO BAD to be where I am now. The girl that PUSHED THROUGH so much to get to this place. I decided this week to RESET IT ALL. I will meal prep. I will go to therapy. I will work out. I will not tell myself that I am anything less than FREAKING AMAZING. I will start my morning in prayer. I will give 5 things I am grateful for everyday. I will be the best mom I can be to Mason and I will PUT MY PEARLS ON AND PUSH THROUGH this little rough patch by RESETTING MY MINDSET! If you are having a rough time... if you are feeling down... If something bad has happened in your life... if you feel lonely, rejected or sad... take 24 hours to wallow in it - feel those feelings then STAND UP... FIX YOUR FACE (ladies, put your lipstick on)...FIX YOUR ATTITUDE (it starts with GRATITUDE), PUNCH THAT RESET BUTTON and CHOOSE TO START NEW! DON'T STAY IN IT!!!! I wallowed a little too long... September to almost November... WASTED in a negative mindset. NO MORE!!! Today I CHOOSE to push through.