It's a "mind thing"

Everyone asks me specifics of my diet and workouts... and want to just "copy" my eating and activity and expect to have the physical change I have had... they get disappointed if they don't get big physical results within their specified amount of time. This is why I don't just pass out copies of what I eat.

You HAVE to get your mind right before embarking on a weight loss journey. You have to change more than what you eat and how you workout. You have to let go of things in your past, make new habits and as I always say, "change your ways." I can honestly tell you that I not only eat and workout differently... I THINK differently. You have to. You have to change your thoughts, the patterns and routines you have always had in the past (I had to RADICALLY CHANGE the routines, thoughts and actions that got me to 360 pounds) to start a NEW future!

Throughout my life, I have struggled with several eating disorders - from anorexia to laxative abuse to binging and restricting. At 360 pounds, I was eating hardly anything all day then binging at night. I would use excuses as to why I wasn't losing weight. I believed my own lies that I told myself, "If I don't eat anything all day it is ok to eat a bunch at night", "I am too busy to workout." "Healthy food is too expensive", "I am too big to go to the gym," "I have a thyroid disease, " or just the plain, "I can't". You see... I had made up my MIND as to where I was gonna stay... because my B.S. excuses kept me locked in that body... mindlessly eating family size bags of cheese puffs at my cubicle saying, "I can't, I can't, I can't".

I am so grateful that I have had amazing therapists help me change my thinking and Chris and Heidi Powell and Dr. Holly to help me change my attitude and routines! So my suggestions for you all to "get your mind right" are:

  • Trust the professionals - Don't be afraid to seek therapy (for grief, eating disorders, pain in your past, depression, former abuse, divorce, anything you feel you need help with).
  • Find alternatives to mindless eating - When you want to eat out of boredom or because you are emotional - have a game plan. I do "beauty stuff". It is no secret that I am super girly, so when I feel like I want to binge or eat out of boredom - I straighten my hair, exfoliate and moisturize, put on makeup, take a bubble bath, apply lip gloss or lotion, put on teeth whitening strips or make a homemade body scrub or face mask.  I also like to take a walk and pray or read. Your game plan could look like mine - or different - do you have a hobby? what besides food makes you smile? What do you not do for yourself normally that would be a treat besides food?
  • Prepare for Success - Think about what you are going to eat before hand so you aren't put in a tough spot to choose something unhealthy or skip a meal (just as bad). Pack protein bars and almonds for EVERY occasion :) Pre plan and prep meals, make a fancy pants schedule - whatever helps you.
  • Give up the guilt - stop feeling guilty for past mistakes that got you to where you are. Today is new. You CAN start over. Get up... dust yourself off.... and go again!!!! #putyourpearlsonandpushthrough
  • Change your words - Tell yourself, "I CAN!!!!" "I GOT THIS!!" "I DESERVE THIS!!!"
  • Nix negativity - Or as I like to say, "Don't be a titty sack." Negativity breeds negativity and if you constantly ruminate on negative thoughts and words you are gonna stay in  that negative headspace - and probably bring others down with you. Say 5 positive things about yourself and others EVERY SINGLE DAY to exude some positivity.
  • Shut down excuses - You can't keep promises to yourself (like healthy eating and working out an hour a day) if you keep making excuses. TRUST ME, I used EVERY excuse in the book to get out of burpees or suspended ab workouts..... I know them all. Until you call yourself out on your excuses and just do things even if they suck...then you will stay trapped where you are.
  • Move forward - Don't look aren't going that way.... EVERY choice you make can push you forward or take you back... choose wisely. One baby step forward is still getting you there.

Blessings and Hugs, YOU GOT THIS!!!!!, Put your pearls on and push through!!!