First things first - Find your "WHY"

I have had so many people say "I wish I could find the motivation you have" or "I wish I could do what you do" and my answer is always, "YOU CAN!" It sounds simple enough, but until you get down to the rock bottom reason of WHY you want to change, you won't ever get there.

So why not find your "why" at the beginning of your journey? Before I started my "weight loss" journey I always called my son. Mason "my world and my why".  So, when I heard Dr. Holly talk about "finding your why" at bootcamp my first thought was "I GOT THIS!!!!" But I had to peel the layers back of WHY Mason was my why.... and here is what I know now... I want to be the best mom ever. I NEVER want my son to see me binge eat. I NEVER want my son to be embarrassed of me. I want to be a healthy mom. I want to be an active mom. I want to inspire my son. I want him to want to be like me. So in order to do those things... I knew I had to change.

Think about your why? Is it simply to look good in a pair of jeans? I bet not... what is the ONE THING or PERSON or GOAL that will drive you to success? The one thing that will keep you from throwing in the towel? Is it to be a better spouse or parent? Is it to start a family or find love? Or like me, are you wanting to be a great mom and role model for your child?

When you find your "why" VICIOUSLY protect your promises to yourself (nutrition and exercise if you are on a weight loss journey). Post pictures of your WHY and write it down EVERYWHERE. Change your passwords to your "why" so you have to type it over and over, Tell others about your "why",

I keep pictures of Mason everywhere. Every single time I wanted to give up, quit, make an excuse or even binge eat... I would think "what if Mason was watching me right now?" I knew that if I couldn't change for myself... I COULD and WOULD change for him. Even before I knew how much I deserved to be healthy... I knew Mason deserved a healthy mom.

Find your why and get started on your journey.




My Why - Mason

My Why - Mason